Friday, December 24, 2010

why Softcraft Table Tennis is one of the most famous brands ?

Why Softcraft Table Tennis is one of the most famous brands ?

Sportcraft Table Tennis is one of those indoor game that remains friends and people in good physical shape yet entertained through times when the weather outside is not good for outdoor games.

It is greatest known for the Sportcraft Tennis Table which comes in various types and brands that are great additions for your home entertainment room.

The mainly popular tennis table is their ESPN Table Tennis Program since , its sleek style and steel legs.

It’s also easy to store up this table as it’s fold-able and it designed with corner caps which can covers the table corners even while in storage.

This brand comes with ALL accessories such as paddles, the 40mm table tennis balls and the net and post.

There is also the Intrepid Sportcraft Table Tennis brand which comes with a tournament sized 5ft by 9ft table and a 15 mm table top.

Most reviews say that this table is extremely sturdy about 1.25 inches because of its steel legs and 31.75 mm Apron.

Table is easy to fold and store and comes with a net and a Post Set. This brand weights about 62 kilos which are the ideal weight for most tournament sized tables.

A lighter brand is the Baseline 2 Piece Sportcraft Table Tennis brand. It also is as sturdy as most Sportcraft table brands.

It also has smooth rolling two inches lockable casters. This brand comes with light paddles, posts and three balls.

One of the BEST FEATURED Sportscraft Table tennis brands is called the The Grandmaster 3 – Two Piece. It has the tournament size two piece ‘5 x 9′ plus an one inch thick play-field.

This is designed to be strong and durable, thus it has the extra large 2.5 inches post style legs. It also features 2.5 inches Steel Aprons with Corner Caps, a heavy duty chassis with four inches Lockable Casters.

Though heavier than most, this table is also foldable and can be easily kept in your storage room or garage.

Other brands are available including tennis balls, nets, posts and paddles. Replacement parts are also available at Sportcraft and most of its distributors like Sears.

Softcraft Table Tennis is one of the most famous brands where you get the most reliable indoor and outdoor sports equipment and pieces. It’s definitely a good investment due to it helps your kids and family to use their recreation time in a healthy manner.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sportcraft Bronze Series, 4 Player Table Tennis Accessory Set

Sportcraft Bronze Series, 4 Player Table Tennis Accessory Set
Price: $12.86
Item Features:
With balls, paddles, nets and mounting racks, this table tennis set provides all the gear you need to Begin playing ping pong Game.
Four rubber face paddles with straight laminated handles
Net and post set
Two 38mm orange table tennis balls
Two 38mm white table tennis balls
Four novelty sport balls
Mounting rack keeps paddles & balls organized and ready for play
you can buy it online from shop.

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