Thursday, December 16, 2010

Table Tennis Most Important Skill

What do you think the most important skill in Table Tennis is?
  1. Serving?
  2. Smashing?
  3. Topspin?
NO! .. The most important skill in Table Tennis is keeping the ball on the Table.

Once starting out being able to control the ball so that it lands on the table consistently is critical.
How can we learn this most important skill?

The best way is by DOING it. Get on the table and start to do some hitting. The main aim is to accomplish lots of hits on the table. As a guide if you are just starting out you should aim for 3 hits in a row. Your next target can be 5, then 10 then 50... And so on. The progress can hit the ball consistently on the table 500 times without even thinking about it. How long do you think it will take you to get to that sort of target? Set yourself a goal and let us know if you get there...

Once you get better you may want to challenge yourself by only being able to hit Forehands or only Backhands. See if you can set yourself some other challenges.

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