Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some of the Basic Rules of Tennis Sport

Are you thinking of starting to play tennis? Tennis is a great sport that requires mental training and physical agility. The first part of being able to play the game correctly is understanding the rules of the game.
We'll be discussing what are commonly agreed upon as the official rules of tennis. The rules that we will discuss are based on the provided courtesy of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

The playground - Tennis should be played on a playground that is built to specific specifications. The playground should be 78 feet long. For a singles match, the playground should be 27 feet in width, and for doubles matches, the playground's width should be 36 feet. The net should be composed of a net with a cord of metal cable supporting it at a height of 3 and a half feet. Service lines should be placed 21 feet from each side of the net, designating the area in which serving should be performed.

The Racket - The rackets used in tennis ought to only have one pair of crisscrossing strings. Vibration dampening devices are allowed on the rackets, but they can only be placed outside of the strings. No devices that incorporate batteries to help your play are permitted.

The scoring - Tennis is a unique game in that it has special names set to the various points awarded. Once calling out the score, the person serving the ball ought to always say their score first. A score of zero is called out by saying 'Love', and from there, the points go to 15, 30, 40, and game. If both players get a score of 40, the game must become a tie-breaker, and a 40-40 score is announced by saying 'Deuce'. In a 'Deuce' situation, if a player gets a point, they are said to have 'Advantage'. If a player with an 'Advantage' gets another point, the game is over. If a player gets a point while the other has 'Advantage', the score is reset to 'Deuce'. When a game is won, another game is begun until someone gets the best of 7 games.
One catch is that they have to win by two. If, at the end of 7 games, a player is up 4 to 3, another match must be held as winning by two is necessary. If a player takes the best of 7 games, winning by 2, they are said to have won the match.

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