Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picking a Table tennis - Choosing a outdoor Table Tennis Table

Picking a Table tennis - Choosing a outdoor Table Tennis Table

Take it Outside

What about outdoor ping-pong tables?

Outdoor table tennis tables come in a variety of formats - usually the legs and supports are waterproofed/rustproofed to stand up to the elements. The actual table surface can be metallic, wood with a waterproof coating, and even some forms of synthetic laminate. As usual, for better quality you have to pay more.

The most important element for the recreational player is whether you can leave the table outside in the wind and rain. You'll probably need to buy a fairly good quality table in order to get the level of weatherproofing you need. For serious players, it is probably more important whether the bounce on the outdoor table tennis table is similar to that of indoor tables. Either way, it would be a good idea to get a quality opaque plastic cover to help prevent the table fading and warping in the sun.
Butterfly have been manufacturing high quality tables for many years, producing some of the most popular tables sold in the UK.
Some Butterfly tables are delivered ready assembled, saving a great deal of time before first use.

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